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Top 10 Angel Negosyante Recipes: Summer 2021 Edition!

Summer is here and it’s time to put on your Negosyante hat! Intimidating lang sa simula, pero with these 10 easy-prep at easy-kita recipes na bagay talaga sa panahon, you'll be running your own home-business in no time.

  • Buko Pandan Ice Candy

    Simulan natin with a mashup of classic summer recipes– a marriage of the buko pandan salad that you see at any pinoy handaan, and the nakakamiss coziness of the sari-sari store ice candy, made milky with Angel Evaporada.

  • Mango Ref Cake

    Easy to make and uso sa marketplace, the Mango Ref Cake is made special and sulit with Angel Kremdensada. With its 2-in-1 tipid sa pinagsamang cream at condensada, this recipe is the perfect pangbenta this summer. Try it today!

  • Ube Tapioca

    Nothing says summer in the Philippines like samalamig– and with Angel Evaporada, these treats are yummier and creamier, at sulit pa dahil mas malaki ito sa iba! Try samalamig with a trendy twist, with this Ube Tapioca recipe. Yummy!

  • Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

    Angel Milk has negosyo-ready recipes developed by expert chefs to make sure na talagang kitang-kita ang kita mo this summer. Biruin niyo, homemade ice cream that you can hold in your hands, no cone! Try the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich, made creamy with Angel All-Purpose Creamer!

  • Halo-halo

    Pag summer, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Halo-halo is THE summer merienda mainstay to keep cool in the sweltering heat. And with Angel Evaporada, masarap and milky na, sulit pa!

  • Rocky Road Graham Cake

    These no-bake ref cakes give a good middle ground between the soft creaminess of an ice cream and the moist sponginess of a cake. Packed with the delicious childhood flavor of crushed graham as a base, sure na mabenta itong Rocky Road Graham Cake!

  • Milky Mango Jelly Samalamig

    This is a cool and sweet drink that refreshes you sa everyday init ng summer! With interesting textures care of the mixins and toppings inside: introducing the Milky Mango Jelly Samalamig, made special and sulit with Angel Evaporada!

  • Coffee Chocolate Chip Graham Float

    A caffeine fix in a yummy ref cake format, this Coffee Chocolate Chip Graham Float ticks all of the summer requirements for the savvy home negosyante. Yummy, sulit, and made special with Angel Kremdensada!

  • Chocolate Coated Ice Cream

    Level up na mula sa popsicles at ice candies with this creamy concoction coated in a yummy chocolate shell. Homemade ice cream treats infused with Angel All-Purpose Creamer and Angel Condensada, perfect for frozen desserts!

  • Halo-Halo Samalamig

    The classic shaved ice dessert refreshingly reinvented, this Halo-Halo Samalamig takes its cues from the flavors of the original, pero it trades the texture of the crushed ice and ube or leche flan toppings para sa creamy at milky taste ng Angel Evaporada. Easier to drink, but just as delicious!

That’s ten recipes already but syempre hindi pa din mawawala ang mga classic summer home-negosyo recipes so check the full Kitchen Angel site for more. Ang daming choices– kaya sa lahat ng mga Angel Negosyo Partners, oras na para simulan ang dagdag-kita ngayong summer!